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Union Fédéral des Ostéopathes de France     european federation of osteopaths

What is Osteopathy?*

Osteopathy is a treatment method that identifies and treats movement restrictions which can affect all structures in the human body (joints, muscles, organs ... ).
Any loss of mobility within these structures can lead to an imbalance in the body. Osteopathy focuses upon restoring the body’s ability to find its balance with
proper diagnosis and treatment. In order to achieve this, extensive knowledge
of anatomy is required.

Osteopathy’s Three Original Concepts:

  • Utilizing correct manual treatment and care
  • Taking into account the total personality of the patient
  • Maintaining the principle of balance in the tissue structures

Osteopathic treatment requires specific skills, as well as a thorough knowledge of the workings of the human body and the interactions between the various organ systems.


A patient seeks osteopathic treatment because of back pain which he attributes to his work in an office. By surveying his medical history and completing a thorough medical examination, an old, untreated ankle sprain is discovered.

Since the patient can no longer safely put weight on his traumatized ankle, he tries to compensate by positioning his foot in a different manner. This creates an additional imbalance in the area of the knee and hip joints which, ultimately, affects the entire spine and, subsequently, leads to the back pain.

First, the osteopath must treat the causative ankle injury. Only then can she begin to slowly move up to the spine and restore balance to the patient’s posture.
In osteopathy, the body is regarded as an integrated organism and diagnosed and treated as such.

* Source: UFOF ( Union Fédéral of Ostéopathes de France) | English translation: Cécile Montagnier