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Union Fédéral des Ostéopathes de France     european federation of osteopaths

Treatment Methods*

I offer a treatment protocol in which I select the most suitable technique for
individual patients, based upon their needs, age, morphology as well as the origin
and history of the pain and disease.

The Areas of Application:

  • Pediatrics:
    Plagiocephaly (flat head ), torticollis (twisted neck), regurgitation in infants,
    tremor (shaking ) ...
  • Pregnant Women:
    Back pain, gastroesophageal reflux ...
  • Severe accidents:
    Sequelae (lingering effects) from the trauma of car accidents, etc. ...
  • Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal System:
    Neck pain, back pain, rib pain, lumbago, sprains, tendonitis,
    joint pain, discomfort in the groin area ...
  • Neurology:
    Sciatica, femoral neuropathy, neuralgia in the neck and shoulder area,
    pain in the arms ...
  • Digestive System:
    Bloating, constipation, intestinal cramps, indigestion,
    gastric hyperacidity, hiatal hernia ...
  • ENT:
    Rhinitis, postnasal drip, sinusitis, tinnitus, vertigo,
    migraine, headache, occlusive disorders ...
  • Autonomic Nervous System:
    Stress, anxiety, sleep disorders ...

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.
I look forward to helping you employing this proven method of healing.

* Source: UFOF (Union Fédéral des Ostéopathes de France)